After School and Educational Programs in
Chantilly, VA

Pioneer Children’s Center offers specialized infant, preschool and school age programs that stress a curriculum based educational development. We concentrate on the cognitive and emotional development of your children.

Science and Biology

Innovative experiments that demonstrate scientific principles in a clever child perspective manner are presented, programs that address the formation of rocks and crystals. Microscope viewing of cells and intriguing artifacts are presented. The Director, a trained Microbiologist, has taught at the University and High School level and has great insight on how to present these concepts in an interesting way to children.



Ability to understand a map is emphasized. Review of states location and important products produced therein. Significant towns, cities and attractions identified. Review of continents and countries, location and resources. Related ancestries and heritages explored.


Boys and Girls Dance Exercise Lessons

Pioneer Children’s Center has a ballet room where dance instructors provide fun filled lessons on Boys and Girls Dance Exercise Lessons and other group participation dances. 


Fun with Music

On a regular basis a musician comes to the Center and plays children’s songs. Many times this is accompanied by a game of musical chairs, or Limbo when Regae is played. The children join in with communal song and contribute with symbols, tambourines, bells, and drums. The children learn to appreciate the value of rhythm.


Wushu Exercise

Wushu is a form of Chinese Martial arts. Although we do not participate in any contact, we do demonstrate the exercise routines. The children follow a Master through highly specialized choreographed movement that formulate great body extension and control.


Outdoor Play Area

Pioneer Children’s Center is pleased to offer a large 30’ by 100’ outdoor playground which is enclosed by a wooden privacy fence. The playground is secured with a locked gate and features climb areas, slides and play houses. It is also protected by a foot of soft rubber mulch. A tricycle ride area and a basketball court offers more fun opportunities for the child.



Basic fundamentals of a computer are taught. Challenging, educational games are provided that teach the basic computer fundamentals.



Pioneer Children’s Center believes sound meals promote sound minds. In this regard we have taken to select meals that meet and exceed nutritional standards. Our caterer is a Registered Dietician. This ensures that our menus meet or exceed the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines. The caterer’s nutritionist ensures that the menus and recipes are followed and executed properly by the kitchen staff. In addition, accommodations to special dietary demands are made on a case by case basis. Pioneer offers breakfast, one hot meal and two snacks a day. Our meals exceed the USDA guidelines for the Federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) meal reimbursement and are deemed “kid-friendly” foods. On occasion, and for special events such as a birthday we just chill out and have a pizza party.





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